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Activities Ciudad Castelldefels Hotel Hotel

Activities Hotel in Castelldefels

Do you want to discover Castelldefels and the coast of Barcelona? Then you are in the ideal hotel: the Ciudad Castelldefels Hoteloffers you an unbeatable list of proposals for you to enjoy with your family, couple or during a business trip.


GARRAF MOUNTAIN Ciudad Castelldefels Hotel Hotel


Castlldefels is a unique destination for nature lovers. The Natural Park of Garraf lies at close distance from the hotel, a natural reserve of 12.000 acres where you can find pine and low woods, hills, mountains and, on the highest peak, a large Buddhist monastery, a unique building on ...

BARCELONA Ciudad Castelldefels Hotel Hotel


From our 3-star hotel in Castelldefels you will have Barcelona within your reach. Plan some of your days in Barcelona and enjoy its amazing dynamism and all its Mediterranean charm.

ACTIVITIES AND ROUTES Ciudad Castelldefels Hotel Hotel


Most of the routes along Castelldefels and Barcelona ‘s coast are close at hand from the hotel. From your accommodation on Castelldefels beach you will be able to organise trips to Barcelona and enjoy a day of shopping, art, culture, nature and all type of leisure activities. One of the ...

CASTELLDEFELS BEACH Ciudad Castelldefels Hotel Hotel


With 5 kilometres of fine sand, Castelldefels beach is a magic setting ideal for a relaxing holiday.

NIGHT Ciudad Castelldefels Hotel Hotel


Party, entertainment and the best atmosphere. Castelldefels is one of the preferred places by locals and tourists for all type of night plans.